Let us guess — you aren’t here just out of curiosity. You are serious about changing your life, right?

You have been doing all the right things: drinking six glasses of water a day, eating well, riding your bike, climbing, practicing positive thinking! And what has it achieved? Not much. You feel better for a moment or two and then the old familiar anxiety creeps in again. Anxiety about being not good enough, about being unworthy and unloved. The more you do, the more inadequate you feel. So you try harder: a different diet, a higher mountain, a crazier jump…

Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Maybe it’s time to to stop the insanity and try something new? Maybe it’s time to face the very thing that you are trying to escape? It may catch up with you anyway when you least expect it. You’ll find it chasing after your bike, or staring up from your plate…

Let us help you to find out what it is. We won’t stop half way, and we won’t get tired or discouraged. You might, but we won’t give up on you. We believe in you, and your uniqueness: in the amazing gifts you need to share with the world. Don’t wait any longer; do it. Contact us. We are here to help you.

How? Learn about the way we work.
Why? Because we are on your side in this battle.
Because you are ready for a change, and we are ready for you!

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We see counselling as a journey to your better, higher self. The main focus of this journey is finding the dissonance between your perception of yourself and others’ perception of you, and between what you want and reality.

The world around you is like a huge puzzle and you are an important piece of that puzzle. You fit perfectly with the other pieces; you just have to find the appropriate spot and appropriate moment to complete the picture. It might never happen to you on its own. Instead, you have to seek it actively.
Do not waste your time.